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A Legal Guide For Recently Widowed Seniors

How to get the car, bank account, and home in your name; Rules about paying your deceased spouse’s bills; and more

Boundary Disputes: Are They Worth the Hassle and Expense?

If you are in a disagreement with a neighbor about a boundary line, you will need to decide how much money and time you want to invest to try to prove your position.

Can a Creditor Put a Lien on My House?

This information is for people with low home values who want to know if someone can put a lien on their house for an unpaid debt. Request to Discharge Execution on Real Property is also explained and a form available.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams: Just Say No!

If you are in trouble on your mortgage, you’re in a difficult spot. Rescue scam artists know how to prey upon a desperate situation. See how to avoid a scam and seek help from a professional advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions - Consumer Information Regarding the Real Estate Commission

The Maine Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation answers questions about verifying a real estate agent's license, filing complaints, and standard representation agreements.

Maine Registers of Deeds Association Official Land Records Website

You can access and make copies of land records on file at the State of Maine's 18 county Registries of Deeds.