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Understanding TANF and ASPIRE: What are your Rights and Responsibilities?

Comprehensive overview of how the TANF-ASPIRE program works in Maine.

Alternative Aid

This program helps families with children who are not on TANF resolve emergencies that prevent them from getting or keeping a job.

My Maine Connection: DHHS Online

Did you know My Maine Connection lets you apply for Department of Health and Human Services benefits online? If you are already receiving MaineCare, DEL, MaineRx, the Food Supplement Program (formerly Food Stamps), Temporary Assistance for Needy...

Parents as Scholars (PaS) Program

Comprehensive overview of Maine's college program for low-income or TANF recipients.

TANF and Child Support

This helps you figure out how much child support DHHS should be passing through to you each month. The amount depends on how much other income you have, such as earnings.

TANF and the Five Year Time Limit

Maine has better rules than you may have heard about. Find out the real story on time limits.

TANF Benefit Estimator

Rules for thte TANF program in Maine are complicated, but the Estimator will help give you a general idea about your benefits qualification.

Transitional Transportation

If your TANF benefits are cut off because you went to work, or started earning more money, you can get transitional services, including health coverage, child care costs, and transportation costs. Talk to your DHHS worker right away and, if you...

Using Your EBT Card to Get Food Stamps and TANF

Some basics about using your EBT card.

Using Your EBT Card To Get Food Stamps or TANF

More detailed Q & A for EBT card users.

What are your rights if a health problem makes it hard for you to participate in ASPIRE or PaS?

You have the right to assert "good cause" and ask for adjustments to your plan.

When You Leave TANF and Get a Job

Find out about help you can still get, with health insurance, child care, transportation and food stamps.