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Can I Change Plans?

There are various Special Enrollment Periods for special circumstances.

Can I get my prescription filled at a pharmacy that is not within my Part D plan's network

You may be able to obtain your drug from a non-network pharmacy.

Costs and Coverage

How much does coverage cost? Will it pay for all of my prescriptions?

Getting Started - The Basics

Health Care Resources for the Uninsured and Underinsured

Where to find help with health care expenses in Maine.

How Do I Enroll in Part D Coverage?

There are several ways to enroll; Medicare, MaineCare, DEL, and VA options are explained here.

How much does Part D coverage cost?

There are three categories of out-of-pocket expenses associated with each Part D drug plan: Monthly Premium, Yearly Deductible, and Co-Payments. Find more information here.

Is there a deadline to enroll for Part D coverage?

There are specific enrollment periods for the prescription drug program.

Maine Prescription Drug Programs: For People Who Cannot Get Full Benefits From MaineCare

Explains the Maine Low Cost Drug Program for the Elderly and Disabled
and Maine Rx Plus

MaineCare Eligibility Guide: Low cost or Free Health Care Coverage

This guide is about MaineCare, Maine’s Medicaid program. MaineCare is administered by DHHS or the Department of Health & Human Services. Topics include:

Medicare Part D

How to choose a drug plan, what to do if you have problems with your plan, where to get help.

Medicare Part D Appeals

How to appeal a Medicare part D decision that you disagree with and file a Redetermination.

Part D: For Medicare Consumers

Maine Legal Services for the Elderly posts information about making Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans) work for you. They also offer a Helpline, if you need further help with navigating your way through Part D plans.

Prescription Drug Assistance - A Guide to Programs and Benefits

Find out about all of the Maine-sponsored benefits and drug company programs.