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Consumer Assistance Resources (Phone Numbers)

Long list of government offices and other help agencies, included in the Attorney General's Consumer Guide.

How to Enforce Your Consumer Rights

Maine Attorney General explains how to write a complaint letter and what help resources are available, including AG's Consumer Mediation Service.

Information for Older Consumers

The National Consumer Law Center addresses many common consumer issues including: debt collection harassment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, credit issues, and more.

Maine Office of Consumer Credit Regulation: Consumer Rights

Covers state laws relating to consumer credit, debt collection, credit reporting and other non-bank consumer financial activities.

Office of the Maine AG: Consumer Protection: Consumer Law Guide

Information from the Maine Attorney General on many consumer law topics, including how to get help from the AG's Consumer Information and Mediation Service.

What to Do if You are Denied Entry to Canada Because of a Past Criminal Conviction

While at the border, you may be asked to answer some questions. The customs agent wants to find out the nature of your visit, where you plan to go, and when you plan to return home. Some people are not allowed to enter Canada because they have...