Criminal Law: What if I have been charged with a crime (including OUI and other traffic violations)?

None of the organizations in the HelpMeLaw network take criminal cases or traffic cases, except in very extraordinary cases.

If you can't hire a lawyer because you can't afford one, the court may appoint you a free lawyer. This is only in cases where you have been charged with crime that could result in jail time. Talk to the court clerk to learn how and when you should ask for a court-appointed lawyer. More on how to get a free lawyer, including court forms to request one. You can fill out the forms online, or print them and fill them out by hand.

If you can't get a court-appointed lawyer, or if one has not yet been appointed for you, you can contact the Maine State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. They help many people find a standard-fee attorney appropriate to their legal problems. One $25 will cover up to three referrals, if needed, to attorneys who will not charge for the first half-hour of a consultation.

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