Privacy Statement

We believe in protecting your privacy. We collect only the minimum amount of information we need to help us make the site work well. Here are more details about the information we do gather.

We keep statistics of site use. These tell us how many people visit each page of the site and the IP address of site visitors, which is usually the address of your internet service provider. If you use AOL, for example, it will tell us that someone with the AOL address visited the site. The statistics will also tell us what kind of browsers people use to visit the site (like Netscape, Internet Explorer, or WebTV), and other similar information. They will not give us personal information about anyone using the site.

We keep track of the searches that people do using the HelpMeLaw search engine. By reviewing the list of searches, we can make changes that help the search engine work better. We do not keep information about who, or what IP address, makes any particular search.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please send us an e-mail and ask.